Hahira Honey Bee Festival Impact Small Town Economy For The Good.

I love small town America  and love to visit festivals and other events that support them. Small town America seems to be disappearing due to economic pressure on various industries such as textile and other manufacturing jobs being exported overseas.

I think festivals like the one described below,  are important to the helping city dwellers decompress and realize that small town America is vital to the economic growth of our great nation. The festivals also give a great transfusion of cash to the local area residents. 


Winnie WrightOctober 2, 2014

Hahira, GA – Residents and business owners in Hahira are gearing up for thousands of visitors to descend on the area to celebrate all things honeybee.

“Definitely a time for families, definitely a time for fun, and definitely a time to enjoy everything Hahira has to offer”, says Hahira City Manager Jonathan Sumner.

Business owners say the Honey Bee Festival is their busiest time of the year.

“Friday and Saturday we just see a steady flow of people that come through the shop all day long. And it’s a lot of fun”, says Janie West, Co-owner of The Tin Bucket.

According to the “Busy Bees”, who plan the event, each year anywhere from 20 to 30 thousand festival-goers take the streets for the Honeybee Festival, bringing in a lot of revenue for local shop owners.

“We like it because it does help boost our sales going in to the 4th quarter, it lets people see some of the things we have, so they want to come back and shop for the fall and for Christmas”, says West.

One shop owner says the festival’s impact lasts longer than just one weekend.

“If I had a dime for everybody who said ‘I didn’t know you were here’, I tell you what, I’d be rich”, says Kimberly Shock, Owner of Rabbit Moon Yarn.

Honeybee Festival events have been taking place since Monday, but according to the Honey Bees, things will be in full swing Friday and Saturday from 9 am through 6 pm in Downtown Hahira.

This year’s Honey-bee Festival” theme is “Honoring Our Fire-fighters and EMS”. The Moody Honor Guard, Lowndes High Bridgemen, and local firefighters will help lead the parade on Saturday. If you’d like to see a full list of events go to hahirahoneybeefestivalinc.com.

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