Praying Mantis Eats A Honey Bee

I was checking on of my top bar beehives today to see what the girls were dragging in. When I walked away from them I walked up a couple of steps and looked to my right. When I did I noticed an insect on a cup that I had left outside after my last BBQ.

Upon further examination I realized it was a Praying Mantis. Upon even further examination I realized she had an insect in her claws and it was one of my honeybees! As I watched her I could see she was feeding on the bees. I took out my Iphone in order to capture the action.

I really suprised how well the video of the action came out. I actually have a tripod coming now to make capturing video a bit easier. I’d would have liked to have been able to have captured more of the action as it unfolded instead of what I got.

It was intriguing to say the least. All I can say it that God’s creation is AMAZING!






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