Acorn Plastic Foundation

Acorn Plastic Foundation


Acorn Plastic Foundation.

  • High Quality Plastic
  • Non-warping Technology
  • Heavy Wax Coating
  • More Readily Accepted
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Acorn Plastic Foundation – Triple Waxed Foundation

Acorn is the leader in plastic foundation. Don’t be fooled by products on the market that use inferior plastics that warp or don’t have the correct amount of bees wax for honeybees to accept.

Acorn Plastic Foundations are designed to last. Precision molded cells. Super rigid, no bowing or warping. Available with standard, heavy or extra heavy wax. 9-1/8″ and 6-1/4″ sizes.

Acorn cells are more defined and deeper than the competition and are coated with the most wax in the industry. This increased the acceptance by the honeybee.

All Acorn Plastic Foundations have an optional breakaway communication hole to provide movement among the frames.

Our Plastic Foundations fit easily into all standard grooved 9-1/8″ and 6-1/4″ wooden frames.

Our foundation comes in both black and white colors. The black foundation is best used in the brood chamber. Why? It makes the eggs much easier to see.


Blythewood Bee Company carries only Acorn TRIPLE WAXED FOUNDATION AND FRAMES. We don’t skimp on the amount of beeswax on our plastic foundation. Why? Because when there isn’t enough wax on the frames the bees tend not to accept it or they don’t draw it out properly. Don’t be fooled by the competition who  sells flimsy, inferior products that warp and don’t have enough wax or the correct cell definition.


Additional information

Weight .68 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 6 × 3 in

Black, White


Deep, Medium

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