Olivarez Carniolan Queen Bee For Sale

Olivarez Carniolan Queen Bee For Sale


Our high quality queen bees are Carniolan and ready for your queen less hive.

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Blythewood Bee Company now carries Carniolan Queens from Oliverez Queens in Hawaii. These queens are hygienic.  The cost will be $35.00 per queen. Shipping is $10.00. Queens are sent via priority mail.

Carniolans are known for their winter hardiness, rapid spring buildup, and exceptional honey production. They show excellent resistance to tracheal mites and are great comb builders. OHB has sources for instrumentally inseminate breeder queens (Strachan Apiaries “New World Carniolan”). The queens we produce from these breeders are open-mated with all of our stock for genetic diversity and hybrid vigor.

Carniolan traits:

  • A good choice for colder climates
  • More likely to forage on cool, wet days than other bees
  • Quick to brood up when nectar is available
  • Excellent honey producers

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