Double Jar Varroa Mite Counter

Double Jar Varroa Mite Counter


Whether  you use powdered sugar or alcohol to wash your bees you’ll appreciate this device. Simple and easy to use.

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The Double Jar Varroa Mite Counter is the professional way to test your hives for Varroa Mite levels.
Includes 2 containers and a screened lid that joins them together.  Use either with the powdered sugar method or the alcohol wash method.  The screen keeps the bees on one side and separates the Varroa Mites to the otherWhen you see how bad of infestation you have, you can decide which of the following treatments you would like to use to control them.

Place a half a cup of alcohol in one of the jars.

Add 1/2 cup of nurse bees to the jar with the alcohol.

Screw jars back together quickly.

Shake Bees vigorously for about 60 to 90 seconds.
Turn jar upside down so that all of the alcohol drains into the bottom jar.
Count Mites and then divide by 3. This gives you the percentage of mites in your hive.

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