Honey B Gone Bee Repellant For Repelling Honeybees From Honey Supers

Honey B Gone Bee Repellant For Repelling Honeybees From Honey Supers


Honey-B-Gone is used to clear honey supers of honey bees. This makes your job of harvesting honey easier. And much more pleasant. Our product smells like cherries or almonds. You’ll love it but your bees won’t!

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Honey B Gone Bee Repellant

“Honey-B-Gone Clears Supers Fast”

Do you need to remove bees from your honey supers to gather honey? Want an ALL NATURAL product? Tired of using bee removal products that smell terrible and disorient bees? If so then Honey B Gone Bee Repellant is your answer.

Honey B Gone has been in development and testing for 3 years. Our product was developed due to a need in the industry for a reliable source of product that smelled good and worked great. How many of us have used the other products that just smelled awful and took days to get off of your hands not to mention your bee suit or truck cab? Not anymore!

Honey B Gone smells great and works quickly to make removal of honeybees from your honey supers easy and quick.

We decided to package our product with an adjustable sprayer so you could adjust the amount of product you want to apply to your fume or triangle board. Try our product and we think you’ll agree it’s the best in the industry.

“How Honey-B-Gone Works”

Honey-B-Gone is made of natural oils that bees just don’t like. When you spray Honey-B-Gone on a fume board or apply it to an area you are doing a bee removal from, the honey bees flee! They just can’t stand the smell at all.

Honey-B-Gone is used by beekeepers running 1 hive to 100 hives to assist in harvesting honey without killing bees. Many of the product on the market today are made from Butyric Acid and smell horrible and won’t come off your hands for day when you get it on them. Not our product. It has a pleasant smell much like almonds or cherries.

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Honey-B-Gone is to be used with fume boards by beekeepers or by bee removal professionals.
It is not intended for use on clothes or skin. 

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