Norpro Glass Honey and Syrup Dispenser

Norpro Glass Honey and Syrup Dispenser


A fantastic, easy to use honey dispenser that makes less of a mess and is easy to use.

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Serve Honey and Syrup without the Mess

Glass dispenser saves you a sticky mess. Its center spout dispenses honey and syrup neatly. Just hold over food and press the lever.

Measures 5.75 inches/14.5cm
Holds 1 Cup/ 8 ounces
Includes glass stand to hold and store dispenser
Hand washing recommended
Hand wash lid; glass container and stand are dishwasher-safe

How to Fill:

  1. Remove lid and pour honey or syrup into the glass dispenser.
  2. Place the dispenser on a flat surface, like a plate or saucer, as you fill it. This will help catch any honey or syrup that drips out of the bottom while filling.
  3. Promptly secure lid, keeping it over the plate or saucer.
  4. Once the lid is back in place, the stopper will keep the honey from dripping out.
  5. Just push the top trigger when you’re ready to add honey or syrup to your food.
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