Plastic Beehive Frames by Acorn

Plastic Beehive Frames by Acorn


You'll love Acorn TRIPLE WAX frames and so will your bees. These easy to use frame save you time and money. No more wax moth destruction!

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Acorn Foundation – #1 Foundation In Beekeeping!

Tired of painting wax on your frames trying to get your bees to accept it? Have you given up on using plastic foundation? Are you bees tacking or bridging your plastic foundation because there’s just not enough wax on them. If so then you are in for a treat. Acorn plastic frames and foundation is the leader in custom waxed foundation. You won’t find a puny small amount of wax on our frames and foundation. We have double and triple coated foundation and frames that the bees love and readily accept.

Our customers have had absolutely overwhelming success with with Acorn foundation and frames.

Acorn One Piece Plastic Bee Frames have a newly redesigned and much stronger ear configuration. Highest quality manufacturing guarantees sturdier, flatter and stiffer frames. Acorn Beekeeping took pains to design a precision cell that would increase bee acceptance. All of our manufacturing is done in our California plant to ensure the highest level of quality control.

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Dimensions 18 × 1.5 × 6 in




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