Plastic Queen Cage For Capturing Honeybee Queen

Plastic Queen Cage For Capturing Honeybee Queen

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Clear plastic clip to safely hold queen while working the hive. Designed so that worker bees can have full access to her.

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Ever been in y0ur hive checking out the health of a colony and needed to catch the queen but didn’t have a queen cage or queen clip. Well NO MORE. We are providing you with these high quality, clear queen clips to catch your queen bee. Clear so you can see her as she is inside the clip. The clip being clear give you the ability to see her and make sure she’s in good health. It also allows you to see the workers and that they are taking care of her properly.

Don’t be caught again without a queen clip. These are invaluable tools when keeping you queen separated from the rest of the hive or for just making sure she’s in good health.

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Dimensions 9 × 5 × 1 in
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