Queen Marking Pen For Marking Queen Bees

Queen Marking Pen For Marking Queen Bees


Queen Marking Pens are important tools and are used to mark queen's to make them easier to spot in a hive.

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These handy Queen Marking Pens will make it easier on you, no spilling, no balancing the bottle. Just a quick and easy stroke with these Markers will get the job done. It is definitely a must to mark your queen if you expect to find her easily. Make sure you use the international color code for marking. International color code

Years ending:

1 or 6 – WHITE

2 or 7 – YELLOW

3 or 8 – RED

4 or 9 – GREEN

5 or 0 – BLUE

White Queen Marking Pen each, Wt. 3 oz Queen Paint Markers Use the correct color for the year your queen was introduced. 


Additional information

Weight 00.2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 1 in

Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, White

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