Smoker Fuel Smoker Circles For Beekeeping Smokers

Smoker Fuel Smoker Circles For Beekeeping Smokers


Smoker circles are easy to light and use, long lasting and clean burning. a single bag can last the hobby beekeeper and entire season.

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Beekeeping Smoker Fuel – Smoker Circles – 2 LBS

Smoker Fuel Smoker Circles: Our top-seller and best smoker fuel. These 100 % cotton 8″ circles are uniform and slow burning. You’ll receive approximately 10 to 12 circles per pound (varies based on the weight of textile/thread used). From our testing and our customers’ feedback, “they’re the best smoking fuel available!

Smoker Circles is clean, raw, round cotton pad. 100% pure cotton. This smoker fuel burns clean and produces lots of cool smoke

To light; drop the plug into a smoker, turn smoker on side and light bottom of the circle with propane a torch. Pump bellows to get the smoker going and the air from the bellows picks up smoke as it goes across the circle resulting in continuous cool smoke. Plug smoker hole with a cork or wooden plug to cut off the flow of air to extinguish.

Why Use Smoke With Bees?

The predominant mode of communication for bees is their sense of smell. Whenever there is an intruder near the hive, the bees secrete alarm pheromones, Isopentyl acetate, and 2-heptanone. … When a beekeeper smokes out the hive, the bees sense and interpret the smoke as being indicative of a forest fire. The bees realize that they must abandon their home and search for a new one or perish in the fire.

Their natural reaction to this threat is to store up as much honey in their bodies as they can, which will help them build a new home somewhere else. It takes approximately 8 pounds of honey for bees to make a pound of wax. Hence, they gorge on the honey and, much like humans who are stuffed with food, it makes them lethargic and calm…far too slow to attack and sting.

Beekeepers have used this technique for generations since it does not have long-term side effects on the bees’ health. Their pheromone sensitivity returns in approximately 10 to 20 minutes after the smoke dissipates. However, beekeepers do have to be careful with the tools they use for smoking since very high temperatures can melt the bees’ wings. Modern beekeepers use a specialized tin can with bellows and use a non-harmful natural material, such as pine cones, wood chips, and cartons as fuel. They douse the fire and let the cinders burn, which produces smoke that is just the right temperature.

Therefore, the next time you pop open that honey jar, don’t feel too guilty about it – no bees were harmed to make it! That being said, you did just steal a bunch of their food by essentially knocking them out and force-feeding them….

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