What’s The Deal

Want to win a bottle of the newest most unique swarm lure on the market today?

Each Friday we’ll give away 5 bottles of Swarm Commander Premium Swarm Lure. Want to win? If so follow the rules below below. The rules will change from week to week so stay tuned. It’s important to complete each task as required. Winner will be announced each Friday night at 9pm EST.

Winner must contact me via messaging or email at contact@swarmcommander.com. He or she must give me their address and so the bottle of Swarm Commander can be mailed.


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You Must Perform Each Direction Below To Win.

Winning a bottle is easy. Just follow the simple direction below.

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Leave a comment on our week #2 blog page telling us if you’ve ever used a swarm lure.

It’s That Easy!

What Is Swarm Commander

Swarm Commander is a proprietary blend of oils that mimics the natural pheromone “Nasonov” and is the newest and most unique swarm lure on the market today. We developed Swarm Commander to assist hobby beekeepers in the capture of feral honey bees.


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  1. Have never tried swarm lure before

  2. I have never used a swarm lure, lemongrass oil has been the only thing I’ve tried.

  3. johnnie waddles September 11, 2014 at 2:56 am · · Reply

    Love the logo

  4. christopher freeman September 11, 2014 at 3:49 am · · Reply

    I have never used swarm commander. I relocate bee all the time and am very interested in trying

  5. Never tried any swarm lure

  6. No week 2 winners?

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