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Swarm Trooper Bee Swarm Trap: Capture Wild Bees with Ease Swarm Trooper Bee Swarm Trap: Capture Wild Bees with Ease
Swarm Commander Swarm Trooper Bee Swarm Trap: Capture Wild Bees... $77.00
Swarm Trooper Swarm Trap: Your Go-To Solution for Capturing Wild Bees Swarm Trooper Swarm Trap: Your Go-To Solution for Capturing Wild Bees A durable and Scientifically Designed Swarm Trooper Swarm Trap is built to last with a 4mm Coroplast and CON-Pearl polypropylene board. Volume and entrance size based on Dr. Thomas D. Seeley's research for effective swarm capture. Lightweight and Portable Weighs 4 pounds, dimensions 28 × 24 × 2 inches, easy to handle and transport. Customizable Ventilation Rotatable ventilation disc for airflow control. Frame Support Securely holds up to 6 Langstroth deep or medium frames, preventing shifting during transport. FAQs Q1. How do I set up the Swarm Trooper Swarm Trap? The trap is easy to set up. Simply place it in a suitable location and use a lure like the Swarm Commander Lures for optimal results. Q2. Is the trap weather-resistant? Yes, the bee swarm trap is both UV and weather-resistant, making it suitable for various environmental conditions. Q3. What is the weight and size of the trap? The trap weighs 4 pounds and has dimensions of 28 × 24 × 2 inches, making it lightweight and easy to transport. Q4. Can I use my own frames? Yes, the honey bee trap can hold 6 Langstroth deep or medium frames securely. Q5. Is there an option for feeding the swarm? Yes, the trap includes a feeder hole at the top that can be punched out to accommodate a feeder jar. An accessory feeder hole plug and adapter bar set are also available for added convenience.
Refubees Bee Swarm Trap Refubees Bee Swarm Trap
Swarm Commander Refubees Bee Swarm Trap $78.00
Refubees Swarm Trap Introducing the Refubees Swarm Trap, a groundbreaking innovation from Horizons Innovation that's set to revolutionize the world of beekeeping. This ingenious bee swarm trap is meticulously designed to streamline the beekeeping process, enhancing efficiency and promoting sustainability. The reusable, durable, and stackable design of the Refubees bee swarm trap is made for years of use. Easy Assembly Built-In Mounting Points Longevity Includes A Swarm Lure Technical Details: Brand: RefubeesSize: 11.25 L x 11.25 H x 11 W inchesWeight: 4.6 lbColor: BrownSpecial Feature: Longevity FAQs: Q1. How do you attract bees to a swarm trap? Use Swarm Commander Premium Swarm Lure.  Q2. How soon will swarm traps ship? Shipping begins immediately after ordering and will be delivered within a few days, depending on your location. Q3. How do I assemble the trap? Assembly hardware is included, and an instructional video is available for guidance. Q4. What is the trap made of? The trap is made of durable, textured food-grade plastic. Q5. How do I hang a Swarm Trap? Hang the trap in a tree not in direct sunlight, point the entrance south or east, at a height of 10 to 15 feet, and level the block before mounting.
Interceptor PRO Swarm Trap Interceptor PRO Swarm Trap
Swarm Commander Interceptor PRO Swarm Trap $185.00
Interceptor Pro - Innovative Honeybee Swarm Capture Device The Interceptor Pro is an innovative honeybee swarm capture device designed to safeguard honeybees, essential for pollination. It features a smart, durable design with a large capacity, suitable for capturing swarms of all sizes. Key Attributes Include One Swarm Commander Premium Swarm Lure Crush Vial Utilizes standard Langstroth hive frames for easy bee transfer. Maintenance-free material. Waterproof and UV-resistant construction. Lightweight design. Total volume of 42 cubic liters. 20 cubic liters of open space for swarm organization. Incorporates adjustable ventilation. Requires minimal maintenance. The Interceptor Pro is purposefully engineered to meet ideal specifications for effective bee swarm capture.
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Wood Bee Trap for Swarm Wood Bee Trap for Swarm
Swarm Commander Wood Bee Trap for Swarm $56.00
Wood Pulp Honeybee Swarm Trap: Your Go-To Solution for Capturing Wild Bees Wood Pulp Honeybee Swarm Trap: The Go-To Solution for Bee Capture Innovative Design: Wood Bee Trap is made from water-resistant wood pulp Cost-Effective: A money-saving alternative to buying bees Bee-Friendly: Attracts and retains feral bees Key Features: Durable, easy setup, compatible with Swarm Commander lures, 5 lbs weight, 24x24x12 inches dimensions. How to Use To use a wood bee trap, simply hang it 8-10 feet off the ground. Bees will enter through a hole at the end of the bucket. When you're ready to remove the captured swarm, the bucket easily detaches from the base. It's crucial to check the trap regularly, as the bees will create a seal between the bucket and the base and start drawing out a comb. FAQs Q1. How often should I check the trap? It's advisable to check the trap frequently to ensure that the bees have not created a seal and started drawing out a comb. Q2. Can I use this trap in any weather? Yes, this wood bee catcher is water-resistant, making it suitable for use in various weather conditions. Q3. Where can I purchase the Swarm Commander lures? Swarm Commander lures can be purchased alongside the Wood Pulp Honeybee Swarm Trap. They are available in packs of 5 or 10, as well as the more potent Swarm Commander Super Lure. Q4. Is the trap heavy? No, the trap weighs just 5 lbs, making it easy to set up and remove.