Premium Swarm Commander Spray- 2oz

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Premium Swarm Commander Spray- 2oz

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$48.00 $51.00 FREE SHIPPING
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Product description

Swarm Commander Premium Swarm Lure 2oz

  • Swarm Commander Premium Spray: The #1 Swarm Lure in America.
  • Effortless Bee Colony Capture: Simplify swarm capturing and colony establishment.
  • 2oz High Mist Sprayer: Packed with a safe, efficient, and long-lasting formula.
  • Pheromone Attraction: swarm commander spray is specially formulated to lure feral honeybee swarms into your hives or traps.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: With hundreds of doses in a single bottle, it quickly pays for itself, saving you money on bee packages.

How to Use

  • Mount your swarm trap 6 to 8 feet off the ground, ideally along a woodline.
  • Apply 2 sprays of Swarm Commander on the bottom of your langstroth inner cover and 1 to 2 sprays on the entrance of the bottom board if using a hive.
  • If using a wood pulp swarm trap, spray only once inside of the lid.
  • Check your hive for activity every 7 to 10 days.
  • Reapply the swarm commander spray as needed, but do not exceed the recommended dosage, as it can repel bees.


Q1. How do I use Swarm Commander Premium Spray to capture honeybee swarms?

Mount honey bee swarm trap 6-8 feet high, apply 2 sprays on the inner cover's bottom, and 1-2 sprays on the hive entrance. For wood pulp traps, spray once in the lid. Reapply as needed, but don't exceed the recommended dosage.

Q2. What sets Swarm Commander Premium Spray apart from lemongrass oil for swarm capturing?

It contains a potent pheromone, which is more effective at attracting swarms than standard lemongrass oil.

Q3. Is Swarm Commander Premium Spray safe for bees and wildlife?

Yes, it's safe and eco-friendly when used as directed.

Q4. What's the shelf life of Swarm Commander Premium Spray?

It has a 2-year shelf life when stored in proper conditions, ensuring lasting effectiveness.

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