Wood Bee Trap for Swarm


Wood Bee Trap for Swarm

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Wood Pulp Honeybee Swarm Trap: Your Go-To Solution for Capturing Wild Bees

  • Wood Pulp Honeybee Swarm Trap: The Go-To Solution for Bee Capture
  • Innovative Design: Wood Bee Trap is made from water-resistant wood pulp
  • Cost-Effective: A money-saving alternative to buying bees
  • Bee-Friendly: Attracts and retains feral bees
  • Key Features: Durable, easy setup, compatible with Swarm Commander lures, 5 lbs weight, 24x24x12 inches dimensions.

How to Use

To use a wood bee trap, simply hang it 8-10 feet off the ground. Bees will enter through a hole at the end of the bucket. When you're ready to remove the captured swarm, the bucket easily detaches from the base. It's crucial to check the trap regularly, as the bees will create a seal between the bucket and the base and start drawing out a comb.


Q1. How often should I check the trap?

It's advisable to check the trap frequently to ensure that the bees have not created a seal and started drawing out a comb.

Q2. Can I use this trap in any weather?

Yes, this wood bee catcher is water-resistant, making it suitable for use in various weather conditions.

Q3. Where can I purchase the Swarm Commander lures?

Swarm Commander lures can be purchased alongside the Wood Pulp Honeybee Swarm Trap. They are available in packs of 5 or 10, as well as the more potent Swarm Commander Super Lure.

Q4. Is the trap heavy?

No, the trap weighs just 5 lbs, making it easy to set up and remove.

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